When the wall came down.

When the wall came down.

So some of your lovely lot may know already that the wall came down a few weeks ago. And if you didn’t, then you wouldn’t believe the transformation the salon has been through in the past few weeks. The salon looks totally different and almost like it’s a different shop all together.

Melissa with help from friends and family worked so hard on redoing the salon. They all should be so proud of themselves.

So on a Saturday night when we had finished all the clients a few of Melissa’s family and friends came in to knock the back wall down. We had move everything we could to into salon from the back room. The back room was used for Ann to do her hypnotherapy and life coaching in, but not being sound proof, she had to wait for us to be out of the salon to do this. When Ann wasn’t in we used the room for storage and answering the phone when all the hairdryers were on. I actually couldn’t imagine how much of a difference the wall coming down would make.

So the backwash was taken out and the wall was prepped, like the door coming off. Then Melissa was handed a hammer and she started the wall coming down. Within minutes the wall was no more. Wow what a difference it made to the salon already.

The next few days were hard for Melissa with her helpers. She was on a time limit of getting it done so that the salon could open as normal on the Tuesday. And she did it with just a few bits and bobs needing to be done after closing hours. But nothing too major.

We have had a totally make over in the salon, you wouldn’t believe it. I’m not posting any photos yet, as we are having a party on Saturday at 5pm, drop in and have a look at the difference of the salon. You will love it.

She has now recharged her batteries ready for the next challenge. No not changing the salon again. You will have to wait and see for that.

Well done Melissa!!