When Mel passed her Diploma

When Mel passed her Diploma

As you guys know Mel is complete Hair Extensions GEEK! She must/has to know everything about brands, hair quality, hair types etc etc the list goes on!

At the beginning of 2017 her beautiful relationship with Racoon International started. Mel was up and down the U.K. doing courses.

Mel is known for firsts so it was no surprise when a new method came on the market she made sure she was one of the first to be trained!

Luxe Links -the newest method of hair extensions on the market. Mel- one of the first extensionists to be trained in the method in the uk. No glue, no heat, no sewing, no braiding, no damage, reusable system. Trichology approved and scientifically proven not to damage hair. Zero shedding from strands, comfortable to wear. Reused to at least 6 months but can last over 1 year.

Working towards her diploma she continued with courses.

Luxe Bonds (hot bonds)- Our multi-award-winning system is scientifically proven not to damage hair thanks to a unique inert polymer bond – non-allergy synthetic – which leaves no trace or residue. The hair is applied over three to four hours, but can last up to six months with regular maintenance appointments. The bonding material – containing natural products, such as pine kernel and orange peel extracts – is translucent and about the size of a grain of rice. And can be completely reused.

Luxe Weft- Micro Wefts have a super-fine, ultra-flexible micro header, making them discreet to the eye and one of the safest system available on the market. They have small header tapes that are easily attached to the hair and are extremely comfortable. Easy to apply in an hour, weft hair extensions are perfect as a temporary hair extensions option for weddings, parties and special occasions. They last for up to 4-6 weeks before being removed, reconditioned and re-taped. The premium quality Indian cuticle hair we use for each weft is root point correct, with the cuticle intact.

With hair extensions taking over the hair scene she wanted to step up and expand her knowledge. The next course was Hair In Recovery-  safe and sensitive programme to help the thousands of women who experience medical hair loss.

If you have been diagnosed with medical hair loss and would like safe, confidence-boosting hair extensions, then Racoon International can help.

Only those stylists who have a Racoon International certificate in bonded hair extensions and who have also been certified in Hair in Recovery carry out this unique programme.

This means that every customer going through the Hair in Recovery programme will be in the safe hands of an expert stylist who has received extensive tuition in medical hair loss issues, plus advanced training in the practical elements of application.

Hair loss can be a devastating condition. Chemotherapy, telogen effluvium and alopecia affect women from all backgrounds and can cause severe psychological and aesthetic effects. Racoon, via Macs Hair Studio, want to help give women back their confidence and self-esteem.


Once completing all the courses and passing with flying colours it was then time for the Diploma Exam which consisted of 4 papers, mood board, model (showing all methods) and final look.


Mel passed! 87% pass 🙌🏼  She is now one of the most qualified extensionists in the U.K.!

Where to next you ask?! You will just have to watch this space!