When Mel became a teacher!

When Mel became a teacher!

At……long….. last…. the hard work has finally paid off. I’ve now passed my
🎓Level 3 Teaching and Education Course!🎓


What a week it was! My brain was in complete over load with all this new information. But it was so worth it.

For the past 5 years I have been thinking, planning, wishing, and working hard to either open my own academy or a new salon. Both I still want to do in the near future. The past few years I have focussed solely on hair extensions and furthering my education and knowledge on ALL things hair extensions! A proper Hair Extension GEEK!

I enquired a while back about teaching and started studying like mad. And then I get an email- “Mrs McNaughton there is a space available on the next course.” ***AHHHHH*** So either wait another few months or just go for it. I went for it. I passed. Oh my word I am over the moon!

I set myself a goal at the beginning of the year and I had already booked the time off if by any chance there was a cancelation and I was ready. Who would have thought it would actually happen! Thank you universe!

I started my journey by car heading down to Doncaster. It was such a nice drive and I booked myself into a gorgeous spa hotel as I was going to be studying anyway so why not do it in gorgeous surroundings!

The course started and on the first day we had a maths, English and IT exam as well as a few modules to pass. I got stuck in and worked my bum off. So far so good!

The next few days were tough as we were completing modules and getting ready for our final presentation. The next few nights were working on session planning. It was beautiful weather so I studied outside in the sunshine.

And then it was the final day! The final presentation!

I felt ok presenting in front of the class, I felt this is right and comfortable. It then just flowed! Hurrah!!!

So thats me! I’m now an educator! It was one of the hardest weeks of my life but I did it.

Note to my exsiting clients: I’m not shutting up shop & going into college or anything like that. Nope, going one step further

Thank you to Daz Lythe ! And also Team Hercules!

Watch this space Macs Academy 2018 coming soon.