When Macs were finalists at The Look Awards

When Macs were finalists at The Look Awards

Wow what a day/night! I think we are all still knackered!

We were nominated for the following-

  • Hair Stylist of the Year –
    – Amy Connolly
    – Sophie Drabble
  • Colour Expert- Sophie Drabble
  • Hair Salon of the Year (Small)- Macs Hair Studio
  • Hair Extension Specialist – Melissa McNaughton

Proud is a complete understatement, I am so happy and over the moon that our girls have been recognized by the industry experts!

The past few weeks we have been preparing our models for the Live Judging which took place at the SEC Scottish Hair and Beauty Show 2018.

Amy was first up for her judging. Her finished look was so beautiful and it really showed her skill off as our senior stylist.

Sophie was up next for Hair Stylist and not having a moment to rest she was straight back for Colour Expert live judging. Her finished looks were incredible! Who knew you could do all that with hair! She is a complete expert in her field. Check out our Artistic Directors finished look for Colour Expert- she called it cosmic unicorn!

And last but not least it was myself. It was quite scary being up there being judged, its not like Pro Hair Live when you are just working away! You feel slightly tense even though your doing the things you love and you are just working!

My model had her hair all custom coloured by Sophie then I applied Easilocks Extensions, we used colour Ice Toffee and then coloured it to a beautiful vibrant red! It was very Hollywood Glamour/Jessica Rabbit! I did my signature “M” and cut and blended to perfection!

And that was it! We had done all we could do! It was now time to head back to the salon and get ready!

We headed over to The Crown Plaza to get the night started! After having a good nosey around the stands we headed over to have our picture at the media board then went in for dinner.

Dinner was DELICIOUS! I think we were all starving after all the running about earlier. Starters were a yummy tomato soup, followed by chicken, mash, veg and a creamy sauce. To finish it off we had cheesecake.

Time for the awards to kick off! The competition was tough and all finalists work was fab! To our slight disappointment we didn’t walk away with the trophies. But we did make runners up to HUNDREDS of entries! And that is awesome!

I can’t say enough how proud I am of the girls, so talented and genuinely lovely people. Also to get this far in the competition is huge!

They are winners in my eyes.