When Macs became Zombies!

When Macs became Zombies!

Well we had a happy Halloween!

Every year we turn the Scottish Beauty Queens into Zombie Queens! Now in its 4th year we had the goriest year EVER!

Our models were Ashleigh Reid- Miss Charity Scotland, Shelley Reice- Ms National Treasue, Sophie Dorricott- Miss National Treasure and Mel- Mrs Inspiration 2016/17. Of course Mel had to get involved, any opportunity to pop that crown back on!



Our awesome photographer was Brian Hayes who always does our photo shoots.

We started off the girls by doing their make up (we are not make up artists so this is all just for fun!), then we did hair which then messed up as if they have been crawling about the bushes lol!


It was then time to rip up all the dresses! I think this is Sophie’s favorite part! And then cover all the girls in fake blood!



We then hit Ashton Lane, scaring the local in Jinty McInty’s- they all remembered us from previous years. And for the final pictures we headed up Cresswell Street to a tiny park- which looks really creepy in the dark!

Loads of fun as always! And the rain stayed off for us.


Until next year……………. Happy Halloween!!!!